Seven Seven Seven

even Seven Seven Seven Seven Seven is a game composed by Jili Games for the purpose of luck. You will find that this game has many bright game symbols, interesting visual effects, and high rewards. For many people, the combination of three and seven is a lucky combination. I believe that players can get high rewards in the game.
Reel: 3X3
Payline 5
SCATTER: The game contains three Scatter symbols, including the triple red number 7, the 7 times reward symbol 7, and the diamond.
Special symbols: In addition to scatter, the horizontal bar, parallel bar, light blue seven, blue seven, red seven on fire, dollar symbol and Bell – these are the regular symbols of this slot game. Fire red 7  appears only on the first scroll Blazing 7  appears only on the second reel Diamond 7  of diamonds only appears on the third scroll

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