Money Coming

Money Coming The symbols in the game give people the feeling of making money continuously. These symbols are simple numbers, but it has a reel, which is a special symbol axis, which can increase your reward multiples and additional game rewards. The gameplay is simple and visual. The effect is clear, and there is a kind of fun that people can’t stop.
Reel: Classic 3 shafts + 1 special shaft.
Payline: 1
SCATTER: There is a special symbol of SCATTER in the game with the word SCATTER on it. If you receive this symbol, you will spin a huge wheel and get more rewards.
Special symbols: Special symbols in the game are the text symbols of ALL RESPIN, which can help you win rewards and grand prizes. Special symbols x2, x5 and x10, which means that players can get extra rewards, up to 10 times of Jiang Jin. The other Special symbols are numbers. When they complete the combination, you can get high rewards.

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