Hyper Burst

Hyper Burst Let players enter the starry sky to collect these game symbols with Chinese characters. This tiger base is visually made of gems with special colors. When these gems enter Reel, it can bring players rewards and re-spin 3 times for free. middle. If you win in the last spin, you will get another spin in which you can activate “Super Time” and get a five-fold bonus boost.
Reel: 3X5
Payline 10
WILD: There will be a pattern of the word WILD in the symbol, which can replace any symbol in the game (except SCATTER). The WILD symbol is a colorful gossip mirror symbol. You can get 3 free spins if you get 3 of this symbol on the reels.
Special symbols: In addition to SCATTER and WILD, there are 5 different colors and shapes of gemstones with the Chinese logo, and a golden dragon pattern jade, this symbol has the highest payout.

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