Fortune Pig

Fortune Pig Lucky pig game is one of the classic online games of JILI SLOT. This lucky pig game can be played on any device, and its game screen looks very good, the lighting effects are bright, and it is full of Chinese culture. The pig is wealth. The representative of this game is the same, he can bring players a lot of wealth and fun.
Reel: 3X3
Payline 8
Free spin: It’s a cool thing to get a red piglet, because the more red piglets you can start a lot of free spin opportunities.
WILD: There will be a pattern of the word WILD in the symbol. This little yellow piggy is a WILD symbol that can replace any symbol. Let him appear on your reel. There are many chances to win and it is easy.
Special symbols: In addition to SCATTER and WILD, there are 7 standard symbols, watermelon, pineapple, double bars, three red envelopes, grapes, a single bar icon and three bar icons. These bonus symbols will be matched to your winning conditions.

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