Feng Shen

Feng Shen If you like Chinese mythology, then you might want to try this game. The symbols in the game are very special, including symbols of different colors, these high-quality icons, beige scroll background, jade Reel frame and high cliff scenery as the background.
Reel: 4X6
SCATTER: Scatter symbol is the golden castle of China. If you get 6 symbols in the game, you can enter the free game 10 times.
WILD: There will be a pattern of the word WILD in the symbol, which can replace any symbol in the game (except SCATTER). This symbol has a Chinese character as the symbol, and it can also help you win grand prizes, super rewards or special rewards.
Special symbols: In addition to SCATTER and WILD, there are 8 symbols related to Chinese culture. There is an elderly symbol, which is the game symbol that provides the highest payline in the game, and the princess symbol is the second highest payline pattern in the game.

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