Candy Baby

Candy Baby Collecting 10 chocolate balls each time may trigger the lucky scroll. Roulette contains 3 special games, which can help you win even more with the press of a button. In the JILIBET professional slot camp, you can enjoy a special game experience and receive promotional rewards. Various game symbols run in Reel, and the spinning disc brings you a special game mode. This is the biggest feature of the JILI team in making Candy Baby.
Reel: 7X6
SCATTER: The big candy with colorful small candy combinations is the symbol of SCATTER in the game. If you collect 10 candy, you can enter the free spin game.
WILD: There will be a pattern of the word WILD in the symbol. The wild symbol in the game is rainbow candy. When the wheel of fortune stops at BONUS GAME, all the colors on the board will be randomly matched to the same color. And all become all WILD.
Special symbols: There are many small candies in the game. These small candies will be eliminated when you help the connection. The symbols in the sweet candy slot game will have a total of 15 symbols, which will help you earn more rewards according to the development of the game.
Bonus game The lucky wheel has the opportunity to activate when the player collects each candy, which may trigger big rewards such as free games, candy sprint, JP, etc., and real money payment is guaranteed.

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