Bubble Beauty

Bubble Beauty Bubble Beauty is a deep-sea-themed online slot game launched by Jili Games. In terms of visual effects, it has a classic feel. You will find that the symbols related to the theme have large shiny icons, the blue series of decorations include dark blue scrolls, blue lines and frames, and the underwater scene in the background. Heart-shaped bubbles are randomly formed in any game reel. This game is very interesting. Don’t miss the 10 free spins.
Reel: 4X5
Payline: 50
SCATTER: The heart-shaped ruby is a SCATTER symbol. If you have 3 symbols, you can get 10 free spins. If you connect any symbols, the bubbles are generated in the free game.
WILD: The beautiful mermaid princess will have a pattern of the word WILD, which can replace any symbol in the game (except SCATTER). It is also the highest paid symbol.
Special symbols: In addition to SCATTER and WILD, there are 9 symbols related to the Little Mermaid story, and the harp is the symbol with the highest payout in Special symbols, and you can get high rewards. The Greek drum is also the second highest payout symbol for The Little Mermaid.

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